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If you would like to rethink an old or meaningful piece of jewelry, I will be happy to jump in and to imagine with you a new life, a revival for your piece.

For the example photographed, my friend and client had this beautiful cameo brooch coming from her mother and this hat pin with a pearl that she was not using but kept for memory.

After a discussion around tea time in the workshop, it was clear my friend loved the brown velvet from the inside and the light brown silk from the outside of the original  box of the jewel and that she would prefer a necklace.

With that in mind, I made a little silk light brown drop shaped cushion to be able to pin the jewel and keep its  feature from origine (being a brooch) while making it part of a necklace.

A light brown velvet ribbon was chosen to make the collar by sewing it to the cushion and by adding a gold clasp with charms ( a small white pearls and KOKA's k on two thing gold chains).

The hat pin added the final touch by highligthing the link between the cushion and the collar.

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